The Tao Of Programming

目录 Programming, 阅读

The Tao Of Programming

Translated by Geoffrey James

Transcribed by Duke Hillard

Transmitted by Anupam Trivedi, Sajitha Tampi, and Meghshyam Jagannath

Re-html-ized and edited by Kragen Sittler

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Table of Contents

  1. The Silent Void
  2. The Ancient Masters
  3. Design
  4. Coding
  5. Maintenance
  6. Management
  7. Corporate Wisdom
  8. Hardware and Software
  9. Epilogue 继续阅读 “The Tao Of Programming”


目录 杂文, 计算机, 阅读



Orbitz, the travel web site, managed to break into a market dominated by two very formidable competitors: Sabre, who owned electronic reservations for decades, and Microsoft. How on earth did Orbitz pull this off? Largely by using a better programming language.【更好的编程语言?!】

Some might wonder about “What You Can’t Say” (Chapter 3). What does that have to do with computers? The fact is, hackers are obsessed with free speech. Slashdot, the New York Times of hacking, has a whole section about it. I think most Slashdot readers take this for granted.

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