3 Getting a GNU Account

The directory ‘/gd/gnuorg’ mentioned throughout this document is available on the general GNU server, currently If you are the maintainer of a GNU package, you should have an account there. If you don’t have one already, You can also ask for accounts for people who significantly help you in working on the package.继续阅读

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1 Introduction

Automake is a tool for automatically generating Makefile.ins from files called Each is basically a series of make variable definitions1, with rules being thrown in occasionally. The generated Makefile.ins are compliant with the GNU Makefile standards.

The typical Automake input file is simply a series of variable definitions. Each such file is processed to create a There should generally be one per directory of a project.

Automake does constrain a project in certain ways; for instance, it assumes that the project uses Autoconf (see Introduction), and enforces certain restrictions on the contents2.继续阅读

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CN: 2.13)

Edition 2.13, for Autoconf version 2.13

  1. 介绍

A physicist, an engineer, and a computer scientist were discussing the 
nature of God. Surely a Physicist, said the physicist, because 
early in the Creation, God made Light; and you know, Maxwell's equations, 
the dual nature of electro-magnetic waves, the relativist consequences... 
An Engineer!, said the engineer, because before making Light,
 God split the Chaos into Land and Water; it takes a hell of 
an engineer to handle that bigamount of mud, and orderly 
separation of solids from liquids... The computer scientist 
shouted: And the Chaos, where do you think it was coming from, hmm?