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Orbitz, the travel web site, managed to break into a market dominated by two very formidable competitors: Sabre, who owned electronic reservations for decades, and Microsoft. How on earth did Orbitz pull this off? Largely by using a better programming language.【更好的编程语言?!】

Some might wonder about “What You Can’t Say” (Chapter 3). What does that have to do with computers? The fact is, hackers are obsessed with free speech. Slashdot, the New York Times of hacking, has a whole section about it. I think most Slashdot readers take this for granted.

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GNU make v3.80 书摘

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Chapter 1



.PHONY : clean

clean :

-rm edit $(objects)

这两个实现有两点不同: 1. 通过“.PHONY”特殊目标将“clean”目标声明为伪目标。防止当磁盘上存在一个名为“clean”文件时,“clean”所在规则的命令无法执行(参考3.6 Makefile伪目标一节)。2. 在命令行之前使用“-”,意思是忽略命令“rm”的执行错误(参考4.4 命令的错误一节)。 继续阅读 “GNU make v3.80 书摘”